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Guarantee of Quality, Permanent Registration, Lifetime Trade-In Value and Loss Protection

Section I
Full Time Warranty

1. It is guaranteed by Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs that these genuine diamonds have to be graded in accordance with Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Standards.

2. Further, the center Diamond is guaranteed to be precise, modern, full cut Diamond containing 58 facets. The side diamonds used for ornamentation are of superior selection. Fancy shaped Diamonds may have more or fewer than 58 facets and still be considered full cut.

3. Replacement is guaranteed if such Diamonds are not as described herein.

4. The setting is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship and the materials used fully comply with U.S. Government Standards.


Section II

Lifetime Loss Protection (Diamond)

1. All Diamonds are guaranteed against loss from mounting, through no fault of the wearer, for the life of the merchandise, provided that it is inspected by an authorized representative of Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs. The inspections must take place at intervals of at least 5 months but no later than 6 months.

(Inspections recorded on the back of our Guarantee document)

Section III
Trade-In Value

1. The center Diamond may be exchanged at Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs provided the Diamond to be purchased is valued at more than twice the Trade-In Value.
The Trade-In Value allowed for the Diamonds will be the original purchase price. 
The Trade-In Value of the mountings will be based on its gold content calculated at current world gold price.


Section IV

1. Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs will clean and inspect the item(s) covered by this Guarantee at ANY TIME at no charge.


Section V

1. Any claim under this guarantee should be made to an authorized Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs store and must be accompanied by this guarantee.


Section VI

1. To be filled out completely and delivered to the Purchaser Dave Rossi's Jewelry & Designs together with the merchandise.

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